Code of Conduct and Policies

The links below are the code of conduct and policies of the Brighton Union Cricket Club. The club constitution is also below at 9.

Also see 5. below for the regulations and guidelines in extreme heat.

Please contact the Club Committee (email the Secretary at if you have any questions or concerns.


A.  Safeguarding children and young people

B.  Alcohol Management Policy

1.   Code of Conduct

1a. Junior Code of Conduct

2.   Social Media Code of Conduct

3.   Health and Safety Policy

4.   Breaches of Codes or Policies

Breaches of any of these codes or policies, depending on circumstances and severity, may be warrented as conduct unbecoming and/or bringing the club into disrepute. Any breach therefore, may be heard as a disciplinary hearing before the Club Committee. Also please note the Committee reserves the right to impose penalities or sanctions it deems appropriate in addition to any that may be imposed by the Association.

5.   Guidelines for competing safely in hot weather
including identifying danger signals of heat exhaustion, heat stroke and dehydration.

Also refer to 
SECA Handbook for official match start/stop regulations in extreme heat (Section 9.1, Page 73)

6.   SECA Administration and Rules Handbook

SECA Handbook is updated annually. This link downloads the latest version from the SECA website.

7.   Spirit of Cricket

8.   Laws of Cricket

Online guide to the Laws (wikipedia)

Umpiring Guide by Noel Pullen - Basic laws of cricket

9.   Brighton Union Cricket Club Constitution